Our People

How are we different

Ask our staff what makes us different and they will say that it’s the family environment that we’ve created at recoveriescorp. We encourage our employees to reach the best of their potential by providing resources and opportunities along with a safe and enjoyable environment where each individual is valued. We involve our staff in improving our business and consult them regularly to understand what keeps them at recoveriescorp and to find out how we can continually improve our working environment. We communicate openly and constantly with our staff and keep them informed of how we are progressing as a business.


As I always say to new inductees, recoveriescorp is big enough to make things happen and small enough to allow you to get involved in making a difference.  In the eighteen months since I started I’ve been able to help redesign our review process, been part of a team rolling out a new learning management system and reaped the benefits of a secondment to another department.  The ability to have your voice heard and make a real contribution is very refreshing and one of the main reasons I enjoy working here.
Stuart Strickland - Learning & Development Consultant

I have been employed at recoveriescorp for the past 5 and a half years starting as a collections officer, progressing to a portfolio manager and now a team leader. I began with no collections experience, however I had been provided with quality training from Induction to date which has allowed me to have full confidence in what I do, and the decisions I make. Aside from career development, the other great thing about working at recoveriescorp is the people. To find a company where everyone adopts such a great positive culture is difficult to find and to work with many people from different departments from all walks of life and form friendship makes coming to work even more enjoyable.
Suzanne Chhour - Team Leader

I have been with recoveriescorp for nearly 6 years in the IT Development team.  I enjoy the challenges and diversity of the business, I enjoy working with the different people within the organisation.  The employee opportunities are excellent and I have attended several courses whilst working here and have recently been promoted to Team Leader.
Denise Jones - IT Development                                                                

Recoveriescorp is one of the best companies to work for. I have joined recoveriescorp three months ago but it feels like I've been working here for years because of the company’s friendly environment. Recoveriescorp promotes diversity where employees can participate in different cultural activities. The company has a very good training and development program in place and have recently started the iCare Candidate Care Program which helps with continuous development of employees. There is a huge scope for career development within the company.
Deepak Bhatia - Recoveries Officer

Over my tenure with recoveriescorp I have enjoyed the variety of roles ranging from the front line,  as a collections officer where I began my career before progressing to a leadership role and having the opportunity over many years to share my knowledge and experience with a team of collectors.  The roles that I have held in my 14 years with recoveriescorp include;  Collections officer,  Team Leader,  Team Manager,  Portfolio Analyst,  Operations Manager,  GM – Customer relations and most recently,  Head of Government and Commercial.  I have witnessed the company grow from 20 employees to in excess of 350 employees and best of all I have had the opportunity to directly contribute to this growth and success.  Our values;  integrity,  collaboration,  accountability,  respect and excellence better described around the office as “icare”,  both influence and shape our behaviour as a group.  These provide us with a common set of values that form the foundation for decision making. As a team we are committed to achieving our vision of “Number 1 for Tier 1” and through this testimonial I am inviting anyone who finds this appealing to join us on this journey.
Nicholas Harrak - Head of Government and Commercial